2020 Garlic Planting

We have partnered with out Friends at Good Day Garlic to bring you our fall Garlic Planting service. The best time to plant Garlic is in the fall. Fall planting gives Garlic a jumpstart on the growing season and it will be one of the first things to come up next spring.

Our Garlic Planting will be completed between September 21 and Oct 21 2020

When we plant garlic, we will leave space in your garden for your spring planting. We will also Mulch the grow area to keep the moisture in the soil.

This package includes

  1. Planting of the Garden
  2. 4 bulbs of seed garlic for planting
  3. Worm castings and/or other Manure
  4. Straw mulch
  5. Pest netting
  6. We will also provide you with Harvesting tips as well as storage tips for the springtime.