ZipGrow™ Education Rack


The ZipGrow™ Farm Wall classroom education rack has been designed to allow teachers and students to grow leafy greens and herbs inside their classrooms.

Because it has been specifically designed to fit inside a standard classroom door frame, educators can roll the ZipGrow™ Education Rack in and out of the classroom to teach students about growing their own food and indoor gardening.

Your ZipGrow™ Education Rack comes with all necessary LED grow lights, ZipGrow™ Towers, wheels and quick assembly instructions that students or teachers can assemble in approximately one hour.

Instruction Video: 

Included with the ZipGrow™ Education Rack:

  • ZipRack on wheels
  • 4 LED Lights per side
  • 4 Light Kits per side
  • 8 x 5' ZipGrow Towers per side
  • Submersible pump
  • Canna Start Solution

FlexiPlugs are not included.

The Education Rack is 27 inches in depth, 80 inches in length, and 77 inches in height. The Light Kit that is attached to the Education Rack gives it an adjustable depth of 27 inches - 38 inches

The ZipGrow™ Education Rack is available in one and two Farm Wall options.

Please allow approximately two weeks for shipping.