Self-Watering Vertical Garden - Canopy

The Canopy is a vertical garden dialed in to maximize space. Featuring three Self-Watering gardens in the space of one and designed to create enough growing space for all your favourite veggies. Great for patios and balconies that want to grow an abundance of veggies in an urban environment.

“We’ve seen enough vertical garden designs that either look nice but don’t grow, or grow but don’t look very nice. The Canopy is our answer to that, and is really for those who want to maximize their growing space, while maintaining a design aesthetic with a bit of West Coast style.”

FREE DELIVERY IN THE GREATER TORONTO AREA - these boxes are shipped from our warehouse in BC. They can take up to 2 weeks for delivery. 

Design Features

Crafted from Western Red Cedar – a uniquely beautiful wood species native to the coastal region of the Pacific North West – it features unmistakable wood grains and a natural resiliency to rain, rot, UV, and outdoor conditions. Western Red Cedar – Thuja Plicata – is the ideal material for unique and long-lasting exterior grade planters.

The Cedar used in the construction of your Canopy is specially sourced and custom milled by us on the Sunshine Coast and then constructed by hand in North Vancouver BC. From Tree, to Log, to Timber, to Garden – Your Canopy will be uniquely yours, will season with time, and if properly cared for, last for generations.

3 year LifeSpace warranty – no messing around.

Wood Finish Colour Options

  • Raw Cedar : A completely natural look and feel - no stain. 
    Cedar contains natural strength and antibacterial, self-protective properties which make it one of the most weather resistant wood products.
  • Clear Coat with Black Trim : A premium food-safe garden box. 
    Extra care is put into this box by planing and sanding the wood to create an extremely smooth surface while also enhancing aesthetic. Two coats are then applied of Osmo stain, a finish made from a unique combination of natural oils and waxes that enhance the character of the wood. The oils penetrate deeply keeping the wood elastic and healthy - it does not crack, flake, or peel. Osmo is an environmentally friendly wood finish and safe for humans, animals, and plants. 


  • Dimensions: 59" H, 44" W, 33" D
  • Weight: 90 Lbs
  • Planted Weight: 350 Lbs
  • Growing Space: 9 Sqft
  • Soil Depth : 8"
  • Soil Capacity : 180 Litres
  • Water Reservoir Capacity : 21 Litres x 3
  • Handcrafted : North Vancouver, BC


  • Western Red Cedar
  • GardenWell self-watering system
  • Waterproof Food-Safe Liner
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel hardware