May 25, 2020 2 min read

Want to build your own garden, but don’t have a lot of space? Live in a Condo, but have a balcony? That’s okay! We can make it work. We just have to be strategic with what we plant and make some slight adjustments to the treatment of our plants. 

What is best for you to plant on your balcony?

Herbs - an herb garden is perfect for a balcony or patio. These low maintenance herbs such as lavender, thyme and rosemary like to be on the drier side. 

Stay away from “thirsty” plants - Since you are going to have your plant growing above ground level, the higher you are, the drier your plants will get. The wind will result in drying out your plant leaves and with a balcony garden you will have to water more frequently. The more wind your plants are exposed to, the quicker they will dry out. If you choose to still plant vegetables or flowers that have a high demand for water, you will most likely need to water them everyday. If you want to avoid this, avoid planting impatience and instead, choose ivy’s, geranium and dusty miller instead. 

Soil - Choose fresh gardening mix containing compost and soil. You will also want to replenish and fertilize more often so that the roots in your garden don't become restricted and hinder the growth of your plant. 

Position of garden - As i'm sure you already know, the sun if your plant’s friend. It is best to choose the spot on your balcony that receives the most sunlight all day. 

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