Get your kids in the garden!

May 20, 2020 3 min read

Get your kids in the garden! | Healthy Garden Co

One positive thing that has come out of COVID 19 is the number of new gardens in the GTA popping up in your very own neighbourhoods. You may have noticed, the interest in gardening has skyrocketed.

Over the summer, when kids have a break from school, and parents are in need of more things to occupy their kids, what a great tradition to begin in 2020 - family gardening. I myself have nephews, and they are so excited about our vegetable garden. When we till the soil and plant the seeds, we talk about the science behind gardening. Not only that, but each of us have our own plants that we take care of and can eat the fruit from, find your seedlingsHERE. Establishing a home garden can help you to teach science & accountability to your kids! Have your kids been asking you for a pet? Well, a plant is a great first place to start. You can establish the same lessons of accountability that will help you gauge if they are ready to handle the responsibility of a pet.

It’s time to instill enthusiasm about plants! As I mentioned before, my nephews choose their own plants for the garden. After weeks of watering and weeding, they will eventually begin to see the efforts of their hard work start to sprout.  I can guarantee your kids will not only be excited to pull the beans off of their plant, but their first reaction will most likely be to put it in their mouth. In this case, it is a positive thing for them to put dirt in their mouth, as long as the vegetable goes with it! The level of excitement that you have created with them when it comes to eating vegetables can encourage many other positive things as well. Maybe we can begin introducing a healthier diet? Maybe vegetables won’t be so “icky” anymore? Maybe they will want to learn how to cook their vegetables and help in the kitchen? Not only will you have access to fresh produce for a healthy diet, you may also get some extra help around the house!

Gardening is physically active. During quarantine it can be difficult to get your exercise in - you can only go for a run so many times a week. If you have gardened before, I’m sure you know it can be hard work. Raking, weeding, pruning, deadheading - it adds up fast and you will quickly notice you’ll get your sweat on while toning those arms! 

Another great benefit to tending to your own garden is practicing plant therapy. Plant Therapy is growing in recognition for its amazing benefits for your heart and soul. The meditative and nurturing nature of this practice have helped to relieve anxiety and depression. Tending to the needs of another being can take you out of your own head, and give your mind a break while you garden and soak up the Vitamin D.  

Fun ways to garden with limited space:

  1. Egg carton - easy peeeeezy, use half of the egg carton and fill each section with soil. Stick your seedlings (one into each) and lightly water. Be careful when you move these around because the carton may have become soggy. Be sure not to over water. 

  1. Milk Carton - cut the carton in half lengthwise and create a small square window on the bottom side of the carton. Line the inside of the window with clear plastic wrap and add soil. Plant the seedling above the window and make sure to monitor and water diligently for the first few weeks. 

  1. Romaine Stems - Cut off the bottom round stem of the romaine hearts. Let this dry out and harden over a few days out on the counter. Fill a pot with soil, press the romaine bottom into the soil about 2 inches and water. After a few weeks in the sun and some regular watering, you should see lettuce begin to sprout! 

  1. Clamshell containers - not sure what these are? The large salad containers you get for takeout! Poke a few drainage holes in the bottom, add potting soil, and sew seeds of lettuce. These seeds should not be planted too deep, just a light layer of soil over top. Water the seeds and close the top lid, this will create a greenhouse effect when the sun hits. Once the seeds have begun to sprout, you can open the lid and let it breathe freely for the duration of the season. 

If you’d like to dig a little deeper into gardening, contact theHealthy Garden co for a quote today!

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