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May 04, 2022 3 min read

Honest Angels x Grow Your Own | Healthy Garden Co

With a plethora of information out there, a lot of spiritual gurus promising to heal you, it’s difficult to develop a connection with yourself – let alone find like minded people. Luckily, a new collective called Honest Angels has formed a one stop shop to remind us of our interconnectedness, practice unconditional love, and laugh a little more. By integrating ancient wisdom with meditations, collaborative blog posts, products and more – they have provided a portal for all things unity consciousness.


By definition in quantum physics – we are 99.99% energy, interconnected with every particle in the universe – meaning we are one with nature. They believe it is time to go back to NATURE’S world order. We have been conditioned to think of ourselves as separate from the world, and we are trying to solve our problems through this separation, using competition and conflict. Our ancestors in combination with the best science have told us time and time again that the fundamental rule of nature is cooperation and connection.


As we shift our perspective from competition to cooperation, we change our thinking and make it a priority in our lives to help one another. The language of separation has led to many of the crisis of today because it is all about ‘what can I get’ instead of ‘what can I give’. Mutual aid is at the very essence of nature, and if we follow nature’s lead, we can start to form a world of peace and unity. 

In lieu of that belief, the platform offers multiple ways to connect to yourself and the collective. Our Universe is created through patterns of frequency, and just like electrons, everything that exists holds its own vibration. The meditations on youtube use original and exclusive 5th dimensional background music that help activate your DNA and change your vibrational state. By allowing yourself to get into the theta brain wave state, there is an opportunity for deep relaxation, and the ability to reprogram your subconscious beliefs. We use our subconscious brain 97% of time, meaning that there are a lot of limiting beliefs and patterns in this head space. The meditations that are offered can help release these patterns, and form new neural pathways to help develop a more positive state of living.  

Because sound can alter our consciousness, the power of music alone can move us into transcendental emotional states. Using specific frequencies can help one heal mentally and physically, move past anxiety, help you focus, and more. There are playlists on the site that will help you dive deeper into the state of your choice.


The blog is a small glance into what it feels like taking the red pill, a guide that helps bridge the gap between science and spirituality, alongside nature’s hacks for self healing. 


There is breath-work and meditation offered on their Instagram feed (@honest.angels), as well as constant updates on what is going on astrologically, and rituals to follow for things such as the full moon. 

The ever expanding program called Angels on Earth, is focused on giving back, and preventing environmental harm. Right now on their Instagram there is the opportunity to sign different documents to help fight against ecocide!  

In addition to the various resources offered, Honest Angels opened up a small shop for basic spiritual needs including free posters with heavenly reminders to download, gratitude cards to share with loved ones, crystals, merchandise, chakra rollers and more. 


Every chakra has a consciousness, and it is common for one or more of these energy centres to be unbalanced. They created an easy way to help re-harmonize each chakra with synergy rollers. Each roller is attuned to an individual sound frequency using tuning forks, and has specifically charged crystals to compliment the formulated aromatherapy. They double as a non toxic perfume since they all have beautiful scents. The chakra oils are made by hand, with love and use 100% organic ingredients.


Next time you are feeling alone, see if there is something that can remind you of the magic that you are on this website. Try to remember the beauty and the oneness in all things – nature, yourself, your loved ones, and of course, the Universe. Tune into a free breath work on Instagram live, or practice one of the meditations at www.honest-angels.com

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