May 08, 2020 2 min read

Want to be a part of something bigger? Join the victory garden revival in your city. 

Join the “Victory Garden” revival blossoming throughout the GTA by having the Healthy Garden Co create an urban garden at your home. Working together, we can create a gardening movement in our city promoting self sufficiency and alleviate the pressure on our farmers during this pandemic. In whatever space you have available, Healthy Garden Co. will use its creativity and resources to build you your own personal garden. 

What type of future are you hopeful for?

Now is our opportunity to build the foundation for a future we are hopeful for after COVID-19 passes. The intention behind this movement is to create permanent gardens covering urban centres with fresh produce and biodiversity. Let’s integrate ourselves into the living environment by recognizing and respecting the biological connections happening all around us. 

I encourage us all to develop an understanding for the food we are consuming. We can foster a sense of accountability across the city when it comes to their food consumption and the social and environmental impact it can have. Not only should we all know where our food is coming from, but also how it affects our bodies and the benefits of the nourishment fresh produce can provide. 

What if my resources are limited? 

It is our responsibility to break down barriers of access to fresh food in our cities. Ensure our marginalized communities are being supported in a way that puts them in control of their health and diet. Let’s explore the joys that come with growing and consuming fresh produce. Let’s provide people with a sense of accomplishment and tangible results of the efforts they’ve put in to foster growth of their garden. Get creative with your systems and available spaces. Let’s share resources by establishing rooftop or community gardens. Share educational and physical resources to encourage those around you to create space to feed all forms of life that roam this earth. 

What does this movement represent? 

The opportunity for us to seize the current moment and move forward in an environmentally progressive way that protects not only Mother Earth, but all living beings within it. It is our responsibility to make our city green again. 

So, again I ask, do you want to be a part of something bigger?

Here are a few ways that the Healthy Garden Co. can help you begin your journey into becoming a plant parent. We are currently taking backyard garden consultation requests as well as offering a variety of seedlings for purchase for your already established garden space. 

Read more about “Victory Gardens”HERE

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