What are we doing during COVID-19, social distancing measures in place

April 15, 2020 1 min read

We have received an unprecedented amount of inquiries regarding our protocols during the COVID-19 crisis.

At HGC we are actively filling our schedule for spring plantings and installs throughout the months of May and June. As an agriculture company, we are deemed an essential service, so having us on your property to install your vegetable garden is completely kosher here in the Province of Ontario. In order to safely install, plant and maintain gardens during this spring, we have implemented the following protocols:

All HGC staff will remain at least 2 metres apart at all times when we are on your property.


  • To maintain social distancing measure and to limit our carbon footprint; Most of our preseason consults are done over the phone or through video apps such as facetime, whatsapp, zoom or skype,
  • During installation or maintenance times, our staff will be wearing masks and gloves.
  • We will ask that all of our customers remain inside while we are on your property. 
  • If we must enter your dwellings to access the location of your planter boxes or garden (Condos or Townhouses) our staff will be wearing booties, masks and gloves) at all times. Please confirm in advance if your Condo board has placed any restrictions on services entering your building.



If you have any questions specifically about our Covid-19 measures, please contact us using the form above.

As this Crisis is new to all of us, we are also very receptive to your suggestions and ideas on how we can conduct ourselves in the safest manner possible. 

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