Healthy Co-Op

Our backyard sharing / healthy co-op model was started by Shawn in 2009 when one of his colleagues offered up her large backyard to build what is now known as Maggie's Farm.

Backyard sharing models are perfect for people who have the yard space to donate in order to encourage healthier food consumption by the community.

The essence of this model is that HGC leases yard space from a number of urban landowners, and uses the land to grow high-value, fast-growing crops.

In exchange for use of their land and water, a landowner receives a weekly box of vegetables with a value of $20.

The rest is sold and distributed by Healthy Garden Co. at farmers markets, to restaurants, and as donations to charity.

This method of land sharing and distribution helps to eliminate a common problem that arises with many urban farms: growing more than what they can use or consume.

Vegetable gardens add to both the aesthetic look of a property and to the value of the property for the landowners.

Does the City of Toronto encourage the growing of fruits and vegetables for entrepreneurial purposes within the city?åÊ YES - The growing of fruits and vegetables within the city is supported and encouraged by the City of Toronto, as part of the City‰۪s support for urban agriculture.

Please contact us if you are interested in this program.